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why do homework when you can look up pictures of greyhound puppies on the internet



weekend in iowa went by super fast!

it was so great to finally be with chris! 

less than 20 days until the big move to NYC!

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twins~ at da bars~


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-have not felt comfortable in my skin lately
-summer job searching really sucks 
-less than two weeks with chris until he moves to iowa

+spring semester is done!!! finals are over!
+i have really great friends 
+nyc in 3 months 

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+spring break 2012/it’s so warm out!
+shopping trip and girl time today with lissy
+actually have clothes to attempt at dressing like an ‘adult’ 

+NYC all figured out, I’ll be moving to chelsea AUGUST 18!

-I wish I was kent so I can finish watching game of thrones

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my relationship is going to turn long distance starting in june.

it’s going to be so hard but totally worth it.


my best friend, anthony, has stage 4 bone cancer. there is a huge benefit comp for him for sale with bands such as spraynard, the menzingers, and less than jake. 


money goes to anthony and his treatment costs. the cd is $10+. please reblog.

+perfect day/listening to nana grizol forever/waking up with chris

+it’s so so sunny out and I’m drinking iced coffee

+wearing a dress and feeling cute

+I am in such a great mood! I have so many things going on school wise but I am super excited/confident about them.  I am really ready for NYC to happen, then I can figure out if I want/need to go to grad school.

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+ getting super excited about moving to NYC/galleries here I come!

+chris got the iowa job!

+drinking iced coffee/65 degrees in march!


i have not slept in my own bed in over a week

and it is so nice

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